Our Story

At PHANTOM we create limited edition stationery for unlimited minds.

Designed Sydney, Australia, our premium stationery is highly sought after by creatives and iconoclasts worldwide.

Inspired by counter culture, punk rock, street art, horror films and the dadaist movement, PHANTOM embodies that same sense of individualism, creativity and authenticity.

Our writing tools are thoughtfully crafted to declutter your mind, reduce distractions and sharpen your focus. Unobtrusive in style yet constructed from materials uncompromising in their quality.

We’re for the originals, the visionaries, the eccentrics, the unconventional, the proving them wrong types, the risk-takers, the king makers, the innovators, the weird ones, the wild ones, the rebels, the outspoken, the marching to their own beat types.

The people like you.

Reject the ordinary.