Our Story

Creators are united by one single truth.

They add to the world, they don't subtract.

It's that relentless belief in forging your own path that is the driving force behind Phantom. Our products are designed to support your creative journey, not distract from it.

In a world of tired dream journals, disposibile notebooks and endless pages filled with unimaginative daily affirmations - Phantom stands in the opposite corner.

Unobtrusive in their simplicity, our writing tools are created to streamline your thoughts, reduce distractions and sharpen your focus. Free from clutter, yet crafted from materials uncompromising in their quality.

We’re for the originals, the visionaries, the eccentrics, the unconventional, the proving them wrong types, the chance takers, the king makers, the innovators, the weird ones, the wild ones, the rebels, the outspoken, the marching to their own beat types. 

The people like you.

Never stop.

Reject the ordinary.