5 Reasons Why Using A Dot Grid Journal Will Improve Your Life

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Why do people journal? And how can it benefit your life? 

For many people, keeping a journal is an important way to get in touch with their innermost thoughts and feelings while at the same time benefiting from a more grounded perspective.

Different people have different reasons for journaling, but one of the most common reasons is to help them deal with stress. It's been shown that writing about stressful events can actually reduce those stress levels and improve mental health.

Many people who keep journals believe that it helps them stay more organized and focused on their goals in life as well.

5 Ways Using A Dot Grid Journal Will Improve Your Life

  1. Facilitate your personal growth
  2. Track your overall development
  3. Improve insight and understanding
  4. Provide mental clarity and focus
  5. Enable you to connect to your values, emotions, and goals

Your journal can be used as a place where you can record yodsur thoughts, feelings, and actions. This enables you to reflect on your day and figure out what areas for improvement or help you understand your own emotions. 

Keeping a journal can also help if you have anxiety. By writing down how you feel in an abstract environment, you can get rid of some anxiety and develop coping mechanisms for dealing with it when it arises again in the future without harmful external stimuli in your life

The benefits of keeping a journal are too many to count: improved self-awareness, reduced stress levels, increased empathy. It’s also great for creativity.

When it comes to buying a journal, it's often a very personal choice. But dot grid journals have become popular in recent years because they offer a way to keep things light when you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed by life’s demands on your time and energy. 

What else can you use a dot grid journal for?

A dot grid journal is a composition book that is characterized by its grid pattern of dots. This pattern makes it easy to get perfect margins, straight lines, and indents. As a result, you don't have to worry about using your journal vertically or horizontally. Your only limitation is your imagination.

Phantom Notes Heretic Bullet Journal

Different people have different reasons for using this kind of journal; some use it as a bullet journal to track their goals and measure their progress, others are looking for a creative way to write down their thoughts or sketch custom illustrations and designs.

Improve handwriting 

Using a dot grid journal is also a great way to improve your handwriting skills. If you have messy handwriting for example, a dot grid layout can help you organize your thoughts and clean up your penmanship at the same time.

Goal setting

When it comes to staying organised, individuals often use a dot grid layout for bullet journalling.

Using evenly-spaced dots to divide the page into evenly-sized boxes of fixed proportions makes the dot grid format ideal for tracking goals which is a key element in bullet journaling itself. This is because the even spacing doesn’t require any guesswork when it comes to margin size or spacing between lines.

Sketching ideas 

Dot grid journals allow for more creativity and freedom when it comes to drawing diagrams or sketching out your thoughts and ideas.

Your pen and your mind can literally go in any direction. Since these journals are not bound by the constraints of a traditional notebook, they provide a lot more flexibility and are able to better adapt to people's needs. 

Benefits of using a dot grid journal

  • Easily create structured wireframes, diagrams and designs 
  • Improve your handwriting by giving you a framework to write within
  • Evenly spaced tables and cells to help you stay organized 
  • Adaptive layout that gives you the freedom to write anywhere

To start journaling, browse our range of Phantom Notebooks Limited Edition dot grid journals.

Finally, don't forget to read getting started with a bullet journal: a beginner’s guide for tips, inspiration and how to setup your journal. 

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