Introducing the MANIFESTO premium heavyweight hoodie

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Phantom Notes Manifesto Premium Heavyweight Hoodie Designed to defend you against the elements, the MANIFESTO hoodie is a rallying cry against the mundane of the everyday.

Midnight black and embroidered with the PHANTOM signature emblem in metallic gunmetal on chest.

Over-sized typeset "Destroy What Destroys You" and "Reject the Ordinary" screen printed in gunmetal grey adorns the back.

Phantom Notes Manifesto Premium Heavyweight Hoodie


Our founder Alex Wain shares his inspiration behind the back print of the limited edition MANIFESTO hoodie.

"There was a time when I used a steel typewriter to capture my thoughts instead of this screen. When you pressed its keys, they rang out with that unmistakable 'click clack' sound. Letters ricocheting and thumping against the ribbon and ink, scattergun like.

Type too quickly and the characters would bump into one another - a jumbled illegible blur that forced you to start over again. The mechanics of the machine, misaligned with the desires and motivations of its operator.

Today with the unsettling rise of AI, those roles are being reversed.

Soon, it's you and I who won't be able to keep up. It’s this shift that I wanted to explore with this design.

Phantom Notes Manifesto Premium Heavyweight Hoodie

The compressed typeface mimics the error prone typewriter of old, the rectangles echoing a screen that sits beyond. It's not just about contrasting old with new - the present can hold two vastly different worlds at once.

Today, humanity finds itself as the typewriter click-clacking through life, equally impractical as we are interconnected. Stumbling towards our inevitable obsolescence. Above, autocratic algorithms silently rewrite out futures.

A manifesto of these modern times."

Details Matter

Crafted using premium 470gsm heavyweight fabric, 100% cotton and French terry lining, it keeps the cold out and the warmth in. Plus is fits like a glove.

We've got your back. Literally. Boxy cut for maximum comfort with tapered cuffs, front pocket, embroidered emblem and metallic screen print. It won't pill after washing either.


It doesn't get any more limited than this. Unique back print designed exclusively for this release. Only 20 pieces created now and forever. Own a unique piece of our history.

Reject the ordinary.

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