19 Simple Bullet Journal Symbols You Can Start Using Right Now

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Bullet journaling is a great way to keep your life organized and of the best things about bullet journaling is that you can customize it to fit your needs and preferences.

You can do this is by using symbols to help you quickly and easily identify different tasks, events, and notes in your journal.

Symbols can be used when you need to add a list, highlight an action or specify an order for events.

Think of them as a visual shorthand for your journal.

There are a few universally used symbols that you need to know about before you start.

Having an understanding of these symbols will allow you to create more diverse and flexible layouts.

Here's 19 simple bullet journal symbols you can start using right now, along with examples of how to use them effectively.

1. ● Task: Use a filled-in circle to represent a task that needs to be completed.

Example: ● Finish essay for English class.


2. ○ Event: Use an empty circle to represent an event or appointment that you have scheduled.

Example: ○ Dentist appointment at 2:00 PM.


3. ➡ Migration: Use an arrow pointing to the right to indicate that a task or note needs to be migrated to a future date.

Example: ● Call plumber ➡ next week.


4. ◼ Completed task: Use a filled-in square to represent a task that has been completed.

Example: ◼ Finished reading “To Kill a Mockingbird.”


5. ◻ Incomplete task: Use an empty square to represent a task that has not been completed.

Example: ◻ Buy groceries.


6. ☆ Priority: Use a star to represent a task or note that is a high priority.

Example: ☆ Finish presentation for work.


7. ❀ Inspiration: Use a flower to represent an idea or inspiration.

Example: ❀ Idea for new blog post.


8. ▶ Action required: Use a triangle pointing to the right to represent a task or note that requires action.

Example: ▶ Follow up with client regarding project.


9. ◀ Action completed: Use a triangle pointing to the left to represent a task or note that requires action and has been completed.

Example: ◀ Sent email to boss regarding project.


10. 💡 Idea: Use a lightbulb to represent an idea or creative thought.

Example: 💡 Idea for new painting.


11. ❤ Personal: Use a heart to represent personal tasks or notes.

Example: ❤ Call mum to wish her happy birthday.


12. ✈ Travel: Use a plane to represent travel plans or itineraries.

Example: ✈ Flight to Paris at 8:00 AM.


13. ☀ Weather: Use a sun to represent the weather.

Example: ☀ Sunny and warm today.


14. ☂ Rain: Use an umbrella to represent rain or inclement weather.

Example: ☂ Chance of rain later today.


15. ✅ Approved: Use a checkmark to represent a task or note that has been approved.

Example: ✅ Approved final draft of report.


16. ❌ Denied: Use an X to represent a task or note that has been denied.

Example: ❌ Denied request for time off.


17. 🎉 Celebration: Use a party hat or confetti to represent celebrations or special events.

Example: 🎉 Birthday party for friend at 7:00 PM.


18. 📅 Date: Use a calendar icon to represent important dates or deadlines.

Example: 📅 Project due on April 15th.


19. 🔍 Research: Use a magnifying glass to represent research or investigation.

Example: 🔍 Research potential vacation destinations.


These are just a few of the many symbols you can use to make your bullet journaling experience more efficient and enjoyable. 

Now in the spirit of creativity, this is where a touch of personality can be injected into your bullet journaling experience - don’t feel you have to follow these designs or ideas exactly.

Adapt, design, create and conjure up symbols that mean something to you - not anyone else.

Just remember, each symbol should be easy for you to recognise and create. Experiment with different designs and find what works best for you.

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